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Two Women

PDF Well-intentioned drivel. I wanted to like it, but the melodrama was unforgivable. I wonder if this would have been better with much less dialog, because the talks were the most cringeworthy part. Of course, part of this book's appeal is that it's about women talking to each other, so I don't know.

I'll copy down a quote which encapsulates my favorite thing about this book:

"During the week Inge would be alone again and felt that it was a good thing. Mira would drop in as usual, so companionship and talk would be on hand. There was something deep between Mira and herself. For the first time she thought of it as something more than just friendship. Something had been born the moment they first met in the garden center. It had been almost like falling in love. It was not sexual attraction — neither she nor Mira could feel that way about a woman." (p189)

Clumsy as the prose is, this paragraph is actually good evidence that we don't have a rich enough vocabulary for talking about friendship, which is a problem.

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