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Descent into the Maelstrom


Life had turned hard, cruel even, thought Alisa Tesla, as she stood contemplating suicide off of a bridge. Her beliefs taught that taking ones' own life, and in her case the life of her unborn child, was wrong. Her husband was gone, taken away one night, and she was diseased with a plague and dying. How was her suicide wrong? Before Alisa could answer this question, she was rescued from the bridge by a TIME JUMPING mad man, Cyrano Eisenstein. He cures her disease and wants her by his side while he rules the world.

Alisa discovers Cyrano is the person that had removed her husband from her life. She escapes him and his army of red-armored mechanoids with a time jump of her own. Chased to the end of the world itself, Alisa, with a sword and the skills taught to her by Nahiris, a Velociraptor she met on one of her time jumps, she must fight to save her unborn child.

Alisa Tesla has the fate of Humanity's Continued Existence in her hands.

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