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Her Eyes The Stars and Other Stories

PDF Matthew Lippart is an international educator, raconteur, one-move-dancer, and connoisseur of reasonably priced local beers.He has spent the last twelve years of life on this rather strange planet teaching Math, Literature, and Generalized Mischievousness in various sweaty places.

His thirst for adventure has taken him to New Mexico, Myanmar, and Taiwan.Matthew currently resides in Congo where he spends most of his time writing stories and dodging spider attacks.He holds the dubious honor of being the only person in the world to have released a death metal song as a cylindrical phonograph (at

He has previously published a book, The Learning Curve, and keeps an almost entirely true record of his adventures at his 85% scandal free blog, All the World’s a Rage (at

Currently he has various short stories and two novels for sale, the newest being Endtyme: My Apocalypse and Me.Check this page for frequent updates- every purchase entitles the buyer to a free beer at some nebulously defined point in space and time.

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