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Child of Fortune

PDF This is the most ragingly 1960s book I've ever read that wasn't produced by '72. Somehow, it took Spinrad till the mid-'80s to sum it ALL up in the form of an idealized coming-of-age-in-space story set in a culture with a pronounced "journeyman" phase that's celebrated as the cornerstone of identity-building; yes, this is in the same universe as the Void Captain's Tale, which is all about spaceships powered by mentally unstable women strapped into mindblowing-orgasm machines, which probably hints that this ain't aiming at subtle.

Written in a pretentious but utterly suitable polylingual style full of Germanic and Spanish and pseudomystical Japanese and Sanskrit, it's totally over the top and totally right on. Plus, it involves traveling gypsy tribes, piles of tantric sex, a fetishization of adventure, a planet full of pernicious flowers producing millions of psychoactive compounds, proud Zelaznyesque mythic indistinguishability between science and magic, an old-school cryogenic immortal or two, and a big fat helping of Northrop Frye hero questing turned into a full on kunstlerroman.

Seriously, a very particular kind of person is gonna find this as awesome as I did. Some of those people will be really lame, but the book isn't.

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