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Kundalini Tantra

PDF Warning- this book makes many assertions that are patently wrong and scientifically illiterate. But take them as metaphors, the topic is quite wonderful, artful and very compelling.

Kundalini Tantra provides a succinct and apt description of human consciousness and meditative practices leading to self-inquiry and greater self-awareness — ultimately leading to profound realizations of the nature of the mind, and the formation of conscious thought.

If you're interested in inquiring into the nature of thought, where and how thoughts arise, and how to experience the profound state of consciousness when the mind is aware of its own illusions (illusions of self, illusions of duality, etc); or even to learn about various meditation techniques to quiet the mind and relax — then you'll love this book.

Unfortunately, the author seemed lost in his own metaphors, asserting beliefs as fact and claiming that "modern science" backs up his assertions (it doesn't, but that doesn't matter). In a way, I wish his claims were scientifically true, that a systematic and procedural approach would evolve a persons mind— e.g., sit in the Siddhasana pose and repeat 30 "anahata" mantras and you'll have a balanced world view and exude loving kindness, etc— we'd see a lot more enlightened people in the world if all one had to do was follow mechanical steps. Instead, he suppresses criticism of the abundant contradictions, and makes claims of psychic powers that have absolutely nothing to do with the nature of human consciousness, the cessation of suffering, or any of the topics described.

I wouldn't have minded these claims, even the silly psychic ones; but the author insisted on bringing in science... scientific reasoning does not make authoritarian assertions, it's merely a way to embrace uncertainty in the face of contradictory beliefs and find coherence (often through reproducible experiments).

But this book got me thinking: consider the Scientific Revolution, we have as our starting point in modern science a very cruel and strict Judeo-Christian mythology— a dogmatic religious worldview with totalitarian themes that fortunately has been widely discredited by the very science that it produced.

Consider that modern medical science got it's start in mythologies that described the body as evil and potentially filled with demons. Now imagine a medical science that got its start not with demons, sin, and blood letting- but of the mythology of Kundalini Tantra.

Perhaps a strange twist of luck that the scientific revolution arose from totalitarian Judeo-Christian views; how wonderful it might have been to have a scientific revolution arise from the mythologies of Kundalini Tantra. Science (being science) would quickly disavow the pre-scientific claims, but imagine the ease of research into areas considered taboo or outright ignored (or banned) through the history of western science; consider that we are only now uncovering the physiology of the human mind and the nature of conscious thought; and that we still struggle researching topics concerning sexuality and reproduction. A proper science from a cultural start of Kundalini Tantra, I imagine, would be quite incredible.

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