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American Heritage Book of the Revolution

PDF This is a solid history of the American Revolution, written by Bruce Lancaster. The narrative begins with the background to Revolution. And, step by step, battle by battles, event by event, takes us through the time period. From the first conflicts to "The world turned upside down" at Yorktown, the literate history unfolds.

An example of the detail here. Chapter XII, focusing on Yorktown, begins with the French General Rochambeau's appearance in Rhode Island—with no one there to greet him on this stunningly important occasion. A large number of French troops, ready to march under George Washington's leadership, sitting around with little to do! We see the Marquis de Lafayette with a force in Virginia trying to contain English forces, at various times under the leadership of Benedict Arnold and Lord Cornwallis. The normally active Cornwallis turned rather indolent, confident of his ability to maintain himself and his forces with English control of the seas. The debate between Rochambeau and Washington over where to deploy the troops. The great news that a large French fleet was on the way with transports filled with more French regular troops. With that news, the march by the allied forces to trap Cornwallis began. The tale of the battle, once joined, is well told.

The same with the description of the battle at Saratoga. And other clashes as well. This book is well written and accessible to the general reader.

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