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The Digital Photography Book (Volume 1)

PDF Scott Kelby aka Mr Photoshop dishes out some no-nonsense and excellent tips for improving your photography skills.I have added some of my pics, so you can judge your self ->
Cedar Pride outside of Aqaba





I think my photos have improved after reading both of his books, some tips were so simple but oh so good. I still get crappy pics but the ratio of good pics is much higher and i can plan for my shoots now.
The books are not for the pro photographer but for us that are coming back to photography in the digital age and anyone starting with it. Even if you consider yourself experienced (all is relative eh?) they are worth a look.The book contains a mix of tips between technique and gadgetry.

NOTE: I found a small error regarding Nikon cameras in the book do not take all technical details at face value it is not meant to be a tech reference book.

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