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Over a Thousand Hills I Walk with You

PDF In all honesty, I was rather disappointed with this one.The story is that of Jeanne, a survivor of the mass genocide in Rwanda in 1994.Now living with a foster family in Germany, Jeanne told her story to her new mother, who in turn put the words on paper.It's not that the story itself isn't good, because it is...what that poor child went through is inconceivable to most.I was interested in the story line, but the way it was narrated bothered me.

First of all, at the start of every chapter, the foster mother/author, Hanna Jansen writes a page or two.Usually some sort of anecdote, or a story of some sort.Which is all fine and good, but lady, I didn't buy the book to read what you think.Were you in Rwanda running for your life?Didn't think so.So shush and let the girl tell her story.It frustrated me.

My second complaint is the overall language used in the book.There's no way that those words came out of a teenagers mouth.Sorry, but it feels to me like Jansen edited and embellished where she saw fit.Maybe something got lost in the translation and its not Jansen's fault at all, I don't know.Regardless, it irriated me.

The book has so much potential.I was so excited to read it when I picked it up, but seriously folks, it was a disappointing one.

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