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Planting More Than Pansies

PDF A timeless fable of a father's love that will touch your heart "It takes faith to plant pansies in the fall, when the storms are on their way..." Little Sarah and her father plant pansies together every fall. Every fall they talk about how the pansies cluster together and interweave their roots to stay alive during the winter snows so they can bloom in the spring. But as Sarah blossoms into a young woman and seems to wander, it is her father's turn to "learn wisdom from the pansies." Told as a timeless fable and illustrated with emotive watercolors, Planting More Than Pansies is a resonant story of love, repentance, and rebirth. Based on true, lived experiences, this "adult fable" reminds us that if we have planted well, our children can weather the severe storms of life and come back to us even if they stray for a season.

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