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Book One of the historical romance "Tender Mysteries Series"

His interference infuriates her.

Her passion inspires him.

July, 1895. Hope, Nebraska. For years Deborah Willet has been protecting her sisters without the interference (or aid) of any man. Though she’s often resented the responsibilities heaped on her after her parents and brothers are killed in a flood, she’s done her duty just fine on her own. When family treasures begin to disappear, she’s confident she can locate the nasty villain stealing from her family without the help of any outsiders—until Steven Paxton raises doubts about everything she’s always believed in.

For months Steven has convinced the world he isn’t the least bit upset about the accident which put him in a wheelchair. Secretly, he spends most of his time wallowing in self pity, refusing to do the rehabilitation exercises the doctor has told him will restore the use of his legs. He believes he’s half a man now, and he simply must accept his fate—until Deborah makes him realize he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to doing.

Except, perhaps, winning the heart of the beautiful woman who’s stolen his.

“Resurrected” is the first book in Inspirational American Historical Romance “Tender Mysteries Series” from Award-Winning Author Fran Shaff.

About the “Tender Mysteries Series:” After a flood annihilates a wagon train in 1888, eleven female survivors build a life in Hope, Nebraska.

Reviewer Comments about Author Fran Shaff:

Coffee Time Romance: “I will be looking for more from this author.”

The Romance Studio: “Ms. Shaff is a gifted writer that always delivers in her stories.”


Setup: Deborah and Steven are at a social looking for a thief.

A flash of red on her periphery caught Deborah’s attention, and she immediately turned to determine the source of the bright color. Seeing Albert, a possible thief, had put her senses on alert, and the presence of one suspect reminded her of the purpose of being at the social with Steven.

Marcie Wilhelm, another suspect, dressed in a bright red, form-fitting dress, stood a few yards away gazing at Deborah. She nodded and twirled her red and white parasol when Deborah caught her eye. “It’s Marcie.”

“Where?” Steven said.

“There, near the man with the handlebar mustache, white shirt and black bow tie.”

Steven glanced in the direction Deborah had indicated. “Do you mean that lovely blonde woman dressed in red is the despised Marcie Wilhelm Susan wants to torture?”

Deborah touched Steven’s hand, and he looked at her. “She only wants to torture her if she’s taken our mother’s cameo.”

“Yes, of course.” Steven glanced at Marcie again. “I hope she’s not the thief. I’d hate to see any harm come to her. She’s a very beautiful woman.”

His complimentary declaration set Deborah’s stomach on fire. Humph, she thought as she recalled what he'd said earlier, I’m fetching, but she’s beautiful?

“I suppose she is, if you like that kind of girl.”

“What man wouldn’t?”

“What did you say?” she asked indignantly.

Ooh, she hadn’t meant to add such an annoying tone to her words. In fact, she hadn’t meant to say the words out loud at all.

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