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The Matzah That Papa Brought Home

PDF This book shows a young girls account of her Jewish families holiday tradition of Passover. Each page introduces one new tradition they practice on that day. From eating matzah, to asking the four questions, to opening the door for the prophet Elijah, this book gives readers an inside look to how the holiday is observed. The part of the book I enjoyed the most was the glossary portion where words and phrases were defined and explained. This made the story more complete. Without that portion of the book the reader would not really understand why they celebrate the holiday the way they do.I think this books does a good job of staying away from the “single story” we are use to, like the holocaust or anti-Semitic treatment. This book would be great to use during the Passover and Easter season when many students are observing these holidays. This book can ignite discussion and get students thinking about the different holidays celebrated within the American culture.

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