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Positively Caroline

PDF Positively Caroline: How I Beat Bulimia for Good and Found Real Happiness, is one of the first books of its kind to tackle the subject of how eating disorder survivors can and do create lives of joy and health that persist past the early years of recovery. Some media reports have led people to believe that there is an “addictive personality” that careens from addiction to addiction without ever experiencing lasting wellness, but Caroline’s story is a demonstration that many people can, and do, put food into its proper perspective and then go on to handle other life challenges without sliding backwards into food abuse or turning to other addictive substances or behaviors.

Positively Caroline is the sequel to the bestselling My Name is Caroline (Doubleday 1988), which was the first major autobiography to cover recovery from bulimia, and which continues to sell well today. The book was an Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild and was reviewed in countless newspapers and magazines all over the world, and featured on television and radio programs. Tens of thousands of people say that the book helped them to have hope for themselves or someone close to them, and that it gave them the courage to speak up and get the help they needed.

Positively Caroline picks up where My Name is Caroline left off, and covers many of the issues that women struggle with, regardless of whether or not they are recovering from an eating disorder, including:
•How to maintain a sane relationship with food throughout different life stages, such as pregnancy
•How to role model healthy behavior so that children learn how to have positive feelings toward their own bodies
•How to find happiness and balance between work and parenting
•How to follow your own dreams in life and take risks so that life is fulfilling and rewarding

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