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O. Henry Festival Stories 1991

PDF O. Henry Festival Stories 1991 is the fourth in a series of short story anthologies made possible by the O. Henry Festival, Inc. of Greensboro, NC. The stories were selected from nearly 300 submissions. Included stories:

"1958" by Janice L. Decker
"Rice Paddy" by Kathleen O'Keeffe
"No Surprises" by Michael J. Hansen
"Winter Lightning" by June Park
"Red Lights, Ice" by Mary Lambeth Moore
"Hug a Saguaro" by Leonore C. Schuetz
"Spring" by Sandra Redding
"Okeechobee Deli" by Marvin Diogenes
"Kitchen Talk" by Hannah Wilson
"Fathers and Mowers" by Mike Vogel
"Meeting Lucille" by April D. Nauman
"Chamber Music" by Linda Wilson
"Bunraku" by Cathryn Alpert
"How Fast the Violet Dusk Came Down" by Helen M. Copeland
"Whose Fault" by Susan S. Kelly
"Key to the Kingdom" by Frank Soos
"I, Neighbor" by John G. Hill
"Nix Rising" by Anne Carsley
"If We Were Any Closer" by Debra Anderson Ford
"The Eudaimonia Cafe" by Ted Slaughter
"Reflections" by Karren LaLonde Alenier
"All Better, Om Navu" by Victoria Morrow
"A Bag of Falling Stars" by Nancy Peacock
"Pastries from a Bakery" by Rhonda Strickland

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