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Hearts Unbound (Cursed Hearts, #2)

PDF Their bond brought him back for a second chance at life—and love.

Book 2 of Cursed Hearts

Jareth Moreland has waited centuries for his lover to be reincarnated, but his reward isn't the reunion he expected - it's murder. He awakes to find his soul has been pulled back centuries into the past, to the very day in 1657 both his lover and his brother died and, in his grief, he became a vampire. Fate, it would seem, has given him a second chance at life.

Fate comes at the hands of Jessica Belstowe, who has always loved him from afar, and whose magic saved him from death at the hands of her own sister hundreds of years in the future. But Jareth seems less than pleased that she has bonded him as her soulmate — her shelmir — in order to protect him from the evil witch Morana. She wonders if she has risked her fragile heart only to have it broken.

A bond with Jessica is not what Jareth would have chosen, but its power will not be denied. He is drawn to her, wants her more than he's ever wanted any other woman.

And when Morana vows to crush that bond and kill Jessica, he will risk the fires of hell to save her.

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