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Lucky For Some

PDF I wish I had Fleur Beale's books when my daughter was young. She's rightly a writer who has won prestigious awards. She manages to write page turners on many different topics.

'Lucky for Some' sees budding ballerina, Lacy Turner, ripped from her lovely city home, friends, school and her perfect life to become a country girl. Her parents and brothers really want to live in the country but Lucy knows she is going to hate it.

The good thing about Beale's books is that her main characters have to adapt, change and grow. They do but in such realistic and believable ways that it makes change possible to the reader. It's a good thing that YA and older children can read about someone like them who takes control of his/her life.

Lacy has to put up with all boys at the small country school and rugby! She is a battler though and wins through, teaching the boys to dance and even entering a calf in calf club. It's a delightful read and a good one to read aloud with your kids.

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