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Dark Crossings Volume 2

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From the writers of “Yesterday’s Gone” and “WhiteSpace”, comes the second installment of short stories with killer endings! “Dark Crossings Volume 2” contains six short stories previously published as single short stories, now collected here for the first time in one volume.

Included are six short stories (at nearly 64,000 words) and Author Notes, including:

“Are We There Yet”
Jay Stephens is a philanderer on his way to meet a lover. When he runs into some roadwork, he realizes he’s gonna be late. Fortunately, he has his trusty voice-activated GPS system, April.

April is reliable, has a sexy British accent, and has always helped him get to where he’s going . . . until now.

Jay is about to take an unexpected detour from reality and into the dark realms of “Dark Crossings.”
6,600 words

“If You Don’t Finish Reading This, Everyone You Know Will Die”
Anthony has OCD. He’s convinced that if he doesn’t give into his compulsions, bad things will happen to those around him.

His doctor proposes that Anthony avoid giving into his compulsions in order to prove that Anthony’s fears are without substance.

But what if they’re not?

Anthony is about to take an unexpected detour from reality and into the dark realms of “Dark Crossings.”
7,400 words

“What Would Boricio Do?”
Boricio Wolfe abides by only two rules:

1) Always use the best ingredients when cooking.
2) Don't shit where you eat.

The only way a serial killer can keep a (somewhat) normal life is to stick to the rules — especially the second one. Boricio has finally found a job that doesn't make him homicidal, and is working his way to working in the restaurant of his dreams. All he has to do is keep out of trouble and impress Mr. Jules, a man who owns some of the best restaurants in the state.

And Boricio is on the fast track to being a top chef... if he just sticks to the rules. But how long can Boricio stick to those rules when a young kid with an abusive father comes into his restaurant, just begging to be killed?

Because nothing sets Boricio off quite like abusive fathers.

Should he turn a blind eye?
Should he just leave well enough alone?
Or should he give the kid an early Christmas gift and kill his prick of a father?
11,498 words

"Hide and Seek"
It’s just an ordinary day at the park — kids playing with one another, parents watching after their kids, sitters watching their charges, and a host of strangers lurking about.

All while young mother, Robin, sneaks off to send sext messages to her lover while she’s supposed to be playing hide and seek with her four year old daughter.

But in Dark Crossings, games aren’t for children.

And there are no winners.
8,500 words

“The Good Deeds Society”
Something weird is happening in the gated community of Evergreen Walk. People are having dreams in which a mysterious woman appears to them, asking them to do good deeds for one another.
Soon, a group calling itself The Good Deeds Society forms, eager to spread word of the Lady and her good deeds.
But in Dark Crossings, not every good deed can be taken at face value.
And no good deed goes unpunished…
16,003 words

10-year old Sheldon Harrison is afraid of monsters.

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