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Seymour Simon's Book of Trains

PDF Seymour Simon has created another wonderful informational text to help young children learn about trains. He provides eye-catching,full page pictures of the trains with descriptions and their uses on the opposite page. This book held my 2 year old son's attention. He especially enjoyed the caboose at the end.

In the classroom, Seymour's books are excellent informational texts to teach intermediate students how to find the main idea and supporting details. The structure of his books are logical and aids in comprehension for the reader. In this book he begins with an introduction. Then he describes each type of train. Moves on to provide information on each type of freight car and ends with the caboose. This structure is an excellent model text for expository writing.

His books make a great addition to any classroom library. The photographs are captivating and the information is accessible by elementary readers.

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