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Pelya (Dralin #3)

PDF Book 3 of the Dralin Trilogy:

At the age of nineteen, Pelya Jornin is a master of the sword. Her best friend, Lady Ebudae Pallon, has a talent in the arcane arts far beyond her age. The two young women have spent their youth exploring Dralin and ruins beneath the city.

Sir Imbra, a holy knight of the Goddess Reanna, has told Pelya since she was a child that he would one day need her help. That day has come as a new force in the city threatens the future of all.

Pelya has been raised within the Dralin City Guard since birth, but her position, and her life, is now in peril. Pelya’s father asks for help from someone who may be more dangerous than any other threat to his daughter.

Will Pelya’s sword arm be enough to battle a force beyond anything she’s seen? Will Ebudae’s power overcome the might of potent magic? In a city filled with despair, can the hopes and efforts of such talented individuals win the day?

The Dralin Trilogy is a dark, swords-and-sorcery fantasy series following the lives of a few unusual individuals as they desperately try to survive in the sinister city of Dralin.

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