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Gingko Biloba

PDF Do you want to improve your concentration? Boost your energy? Fight aging? Ginkgo biloba, an extract from the oldest tree in the world, can increase your brain function and offer a wide range of benefits—from better sexual performance to higher test scores! Used in China for centuries, this potent herb has undergone rigorous clinical studies that prove its astounding effectiveness.Authoritative and completely up-to-date, this remarkable guide brings you in-depth information on ginkgo biloba, a powerful natural aid for health and healing.Discover:

Greater intelligence—a boost for academic and career performance, the right supplementation provides better short-term memory and concentration at any age
An effective antidepressant—no side effects, no "downside," the special properties of ginkgo biloba may be your natural alternative to prescription drugs
One of the world's most potent antioxidants—a ginkgo biloba "plus" that slows aging and keeps you young
Circulatory health—the secret of ginkgolides for improved tone of blood vessels and protection against heart attack and stroke
Male potency—exciting news about ginkgo biloba and men's sexual health
And much more!

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