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Little White Lies

PDF Smart, athletic, determined, and with movie-star good looks,nothing would hold Bryson Rhodes back from achieving the success he'd dreamed of since childhood.
Nothing, except for impregnating his first love.
Barely out of high school, he now must take on a teenage wife, any job that'll pay the rent, and a baby.

Desperate to flee her nightmare of a home, Ramble rejoices to find she's carrying Bryson's child... until she sees how miserable he is.
When a misunderstanding causes Bryson to believe she's lost the baby, she lets him go.

Ten years later Bryson runs into a little girl who looks just like him and bears his last name.

A tangled web of lies starts to unravel as Bryson and Ramble try to take back what they lost. The
love between them is strong, but the secrets they hide from each other are just as powerful.
As secrets are brought to light, enemies close in.
If the secrets don't destroy them, their enemies will.

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