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Warring Hearts

PDF A Military Erotic Romance

John Malcolm really missed his old life.

He’d never considered staying in the military past when he was due to be discharged, but now that he had walked away and was trying to rebuild his life, he was wishing he was back in uniform. No one wanted to hire vets, and his skills were somewhat specific. Deciding to take things into his own hands, he opens a Private Investigation business and prays that this will be the answer.

Becca McDermott just wants her crazy life to calm down.

As a McDermott, she knows that crazy is in their genes, but she’s really getting fed up. After her sister enthusiastically decides to become a stripper (with her parents blessing,) and her mother comes out as a closet bi-sexual who is ready to “explore a little,” Becca doesn’t know how to also deal with her insane brother, who has seemingly gone AWOL from the navy after a trip to see her. She knows she needs to find him and talk him down, but she has no idea where to start.

Becca’s so much more than John can handle.

After searching on the internet for a PI, Becca pays John a visit and begs him to track down her brother. John wants to take the job, but there’s one problem—Becca is insisting on coming along for the ride. After she makes him an offer he can’t refuse, they set out to find her missing brother. But spending so much time together is starting to affect them both, and they can’t ignore the sexual tension growing between them.
As their passion explodes and they try to find her brother, they might also find something no one expected.

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