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Good News, Bad News

PDF Bought this book at a booksale for less than a dollar. Good news is, it was a good bargain for a hardbound book, bad news is, it wasn't a very nice read.

The plot was promising, two agents on the verge of retiring find that they are each one's last target. But, it doesn't matter who gets killed first, since someone in the agency is keen on eliminating them both anyway.

I was ready to drop it after the first two chapters, but I felt I had to give it a chance. After all, some books start off badly, but end up being awesome. It wasn't the case for this one.
The plot was all over the place. Writing was dull, characters were two dimensional... sometimes, the author threw in hints of what he disliked in the spy genre.
Motivation of the antagonist was kinda lame too.
The book felt a little rushed, and I feel it had more room for development. A lot of things needed more explanation. I kinda felt relieved when I finally finished it.
Bottom-line, I think Wolstencroft is better as a screenwriter (I heard his TV series is award winning).

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