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Luminescence (Book 3 of Middle School Magic series)

PDF The cliffhanger to book two was so good that I couldn't wait to put my nose into this finale.It did not disappoint!The trio and my fav, Pilaf, were back for new adventures that would test their powers and friendship even more.Their growth proved considerably in this conclusion, well, mainly to two of them.

Oh, Mr. Bell kept me on my toes!Was Dr. Timberi really alive or has Lexa gone bonkers?The supposed loss of Dr. Timberi seemed to put a strain on the trio, will their friendship endure?Lexa was racked with so much guilt that I was sure it'd change her, to what degree?Melanie's dad, he was hiding something!Then Timothy, I can sense that something big was going to happen at the tribunal.Of course, my dear Pilaf, I was rooting for his test to be positive.What ended up being the answers to these questions?You'll have to read it to find out but suffice to say that I was treated to a twisty, poignant ending.Bittersweet and fantastic windup to the series!Which leads me to ask, "Is there such a thing as 'Oops, that wasn't the final installment!' book?", because I want one of those for this series. ;)

The fondness for this book (the series for that matter) for me was the heartfelt message of love.It rang crystal clear in the experiences of these young characters, the sweet inclusion of music, the examination of good vs evil, and the dynamics of human relationships.It's the message that I think young readers need more of and I'm glad to say they'll get it in this series and be entertained in the process.So make a 3-inch room in your bookcase for these books, filed with your "great reads" collection.I did.

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