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My Favorite Time of Year

PDF A lovely book about four favorite times of the year, with wonderful details about each season—
Fall—whirling, swirling leaves, fall inside and out, people busy buttoning up for winter, waving goodbye to the geese.
Winter—footprints in the morning frost, breath makes clouds, "sometimes it takes forever twice" to get Patrick dressed to go outside, "house filled with smell of cookies and feeling of secrets."
Spring—brave crocuses come up first, puddles everywhere, color surprises everyone, especially Patrick, trees have grown lace, world is filled with the "greenest green"
Summer—firefly lanterns; like ants in a line, people go to the beach, seeing who can spit watermelon seeds the farthest.
At the end of the book, in the fourth favorite season, summer, crickets and frogs sing the young narrator to sleep.

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