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Bibi & Babu in Africa

PDF Bibi & Babu are Swahili names for Grandma and Grandpa according to journalist Bonnie Toews, who recently trekked through Central Africa with her partner, John Christiansen, an athletic mountain climber and naturalist. Bonnie describes the daily lifestyles of the infamous Maasai tribe, who live side by side with their livestock and freely roam with nearly 40,000 wild animals on Tanzania's grasslands and plains, while John snaps their pictures, some in markets right on their lands and others on nearby city streets in Moshi or Arusha. On safari through Tanzania's national parks, animal wildlife seem to sense the curiosity of John's camera as lions, giraffes, zebras, leopards, monkeys and elephants freely roam about posing in their natural habitat. This trip that Bonnie and John traveled also captures John's climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. This was not only a personal goal and victory for John but also history in the making as he now holds the record title of the second oldest human to make this climb to the top. Breathtaking images of African landscapes at sunset along with glimpses into life at its beginnings introduce this first volume of Bibi & Babu in Africa, a book that will spellbind readers of all ages. The pictures are large and the book trim size is 8.50 by 11. There are 56 pages - 52 of them showcase images in color with the natural beauty of the wildlife in Africa. Bonnie and John's second volume, Bibi & Babu in Amsterdam, will follow in 2015.

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