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Dyson Sphere (Star Trek: The Next Generation, #50)

PDF Congratulations, GoodReads.You dumped my review of the most amazing Star Trek novel I've ever read, into the bitbucket.Here's a second attempt:

Although I typically read every one of my Star Trek novels repeatedly until it has long since fallen apart, I can't remember the last time I read the same one twice in a row, and considered reading it a third time in a row.

If you're not geek enough to be bugged when it becomes apparent that a Star Trek author failed to research the science, the culture, or even the Star Trek history and culture about which he's writing - or worse yet, you're oblivious to that - run along and read some light fantasy story, because this Star Trek novel was written by actual scientists who not only do their research; they participated in writing what there is to be researched.

To a geek, even the Bibliography contained in this novel is... dare I say, "fascinating".If you don't care, after whom the Neelix character in Star Trek:Voyager was named, run along and read that fantasy story; this isn't you.

A geek wants to see how CGI renders - or at least imagine for himself - a flying amphibious creature that grows jet engines underneath its wings.If this isn't you, run along and read that light fantasy.

A geek wants to see on a 3D movie screen - or at least re-create in his own mind's eye - the part of this story in which the Dyson sphere's sun is pushed so far off-center from the sphere that the orbit of the homeworld of the sphere's creators releases the planet onto the inside surface of the Dyson sphere as if it were a glorified bowling ball.If you don't want to see that - or worse yet, you don't have the attention span to read that far into the story - run along, you don't deserve to read this novel.

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