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Big Balls Better

PDF With savvy wordplay, irresistible candor, and bull-horn-sharp wit, 27-year-old travel writer and social commentator David Axelrod recounts five seriocomic sagas from his global quest for glory, adventure, and self-actualization.

Fear, in this dazzling debut, comes in many forms. In rural Mexico, its uppercut may knock you unconscious. On the dunes of Namibia, it crawls on six legs. In cobblestoned Pamplona, it’s a labyrinth you can’t escape, on Cape Town’s violent streets, it slings a butcher’s knife and might spit in your eye, and under Miami’s neon facades, it seeps into the lungs like asbestos fibers. The panoply of miscreants Axelrod meets will restore your faith in insanity: an art addict with tequila for blood, a panhandler who plays mind tricks, and a boss so bad you might never work another day.

This exuberant coming-of-age romp, full of harrowing and hilarious thrills, will make you think as much as it will make you laugh. It will jolt you out of the ordinary and transport you to the remotest corners of the world. Most of all, it will make you discover what it means to live with courage.

It’s time to grow up and grow a pair. The bigger, the better.

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