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What Is a Life Cycle?

PDF 1. Genre: Informational Junior Book

2. Summary: This book is from a series by the Science of Living Things. It shows the process of a life cycle and gives examples of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and humans, as well as the barriers that they all face.

3. Critique:
a)The best part about this book is the outline and organization.

b) Each section is outlined with several subheadings. It allows the reader to know what the subject of the paragraphs. Each of the photographs or illustrations have captions that clearly explain the meaning or purpose of each one. The information is appropriate for young and older elmentary students. It is not too much or too difficult language or vocabulary for children. The book covers many topics and information of life cyles; it goes beyound the simple concepts of just a butterfly cycle.

c) In the chapter of "Many kinds of eggs," the subheadings show the information in the chapter which is the contents in an egg, and the purpose of laying eggs.

4. Curriculum Connection: I think students will enjoy reading this informational book. It has many illustrations, examples and topics. I would use this book for third through fifth grade students, when discussing life cycles. For the students, I would read aloud certain parts of the book, then have them finish reading and create a graphic organizer on a life cycle.

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