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Happy Ever After (Happy Ever After, # 1)

PDF If it's just you and me, together, for the rest of our lives - no-one else to mess things up... could you ever love me?

Peter loves Vanessa. He loves her a lot and is looking forward to starting a nice life with her, and only her. No one else to get in the way and mess up their beautiful relationship. He'll do anything for her. Absolutely anything to make her happy. Anything to see that beautiful smile of hers. Anything to live happily ever after with her.
The only problem is - Vanessa doesn't know Peter and, more importantly, understand why she is cuffed to the dining room table.

Told through the eyes of the two people living the story, follow Peter as he keeps Vanessa prisoner hoping that she will fall in love with him and follow Vanessa as she desperately looks for a way out of this hell.

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