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PDF Psychologist Bea Trent thought she'd seen the last of her most infamous juvenile client when James Dylan Dobbs turned eighteen and joined the military. She had no clue he'd return as a full-blown sociopath with an agenda that included destroying her.

Bea has a secret. As an adult, James reminds her so much of her deceased husband, it's unethical to counsel him, but she can't help herself. She feels like she's found her beloved Rick again and refuses to let go.

James experiences a myriad of emotions when he reenters counseling. He hates Bea for hospitalizing him as a child but he loves her for who she is. He has a secret, too. His love for Bea began as the kind a child has for his mother, but morphed into a romantic love during a long, lonely military tour. He must find a way to make Bea return his love.

When Bea comes to her senses and refers James to another psychologist, his anger spirals out of control. He will stop at nothing to destroy her, including going after her daughter, Tori.

When Bea discovers that Tori is dating James, she finds herself backed into a corner with no way out. Tori thinks she's found the love of her life. Bea knows what he's capable of, but she can't tell anyone because of doctor-client confidentiality.

The only way to save Tori is to take him down. Can Bea do it in order to save her daughter? If she tells all, she'll lose her license to practice. If she doesn't, she may lose her life.

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