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Legends of the Hasidim

PDF A solid if somewhat dated ethnography on the Hasidim with a particular focus on their communities in the United States.Very well done and thought out, though the author draws a lot of source material from on book in particular, In Praise of the Besht...though his interpretations and corresponding interviews do make for a complete overview of the particular section he is discussing.

There isn't as much about the specific distinctions between the different Hasidic dynastics (i.e. Lubavitch vs Satmar vs Square, etc), as I was hoping for, but the author allude strongly to some very different traditions and political alignments of some of the dynasties.Unlike Fishkoff's The Rebbe's Army, which focuses primarily on Lubavitch in America, this book has a genuinely neutral feel and tone, which is very much appreciated and doesn't muddle the facts.

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