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David Goes To School

PDF I hate the teeth on David.The scary, pointy, black things make me shudder.

Otherwise, this is a fun series for toddlers.I had one child who LOVED [title:No, David!]. I remembered David fondly.

When my youngest son started daydreaming about preschool as the ideal place for children, I checked out this title and a few others to help balance his perspective. [title:David Goes to School] was the most helpful. My son was freaked out about the idea of not having the right to pee, having to raise his hand before he was allowed to talk, etc., giving me a chance to talk to him in an age appropriate way about civil liberties versus crowd control.He wanted to know why David was so eager to stop learning, giving me the perfect opportunity to explain that school destroys the natural human urge to learn, just like forced feeding destroys the appetite.

I recommend this for kids who will be homeschooled but are suffering from Yellow School Bus Syndrome.

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