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Heartwarming Duo/Secret Santa/Homespun Christmas

PDF Secret Santa - Cynthia Reese

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...

Losing a parent is never easy, and during the holidays the emptiness seems magnified. Local newspaper owner Neil Bailey knows that firsthand. That’s why he’sdetermined to help his neighbor, Dr. Charli Prescott, find the meaning of the season. Luckily he has enough cheer to go around—and the recipe for perfect cocoa. If that isn’t enough to get Charli into the spirit, the town also has a Secret Santa.

Everyone’s buzzing with news of the large anonymous donation and, once Neil promises to discover Santa’s identity, his paper’s circulation numbers sky-rocket. It’s his duty to report the truth. Except, as he gets closer to Charli, he’s sure she’s keeping something from him.All he can try to do is keep his journalistic integrity intact…while protecting the woman he thought was his Christmas miracle.

Homespun Christmas - Aimee Thurlo

To save her town...

Independence, New Mexico, needs a lifeline, and Myka Solis is determined to provide one. She thinks her online craft business can transform the dying town into a vibrant, creative hub. And she knows exactly the person who can help: Joshua Nez, the confident, big-city architect who’s back in town to rebuild his own life.

Thanks to Josh’s expertise, Myka finds herself leading a revitalization effort that draws in the entire community. But working with Josh has to stay a business-only arrangement. Josh has dreams, too, and his involve opening an architecture firm far away from Independence. If only Myka can show him they both have a future in Independence…together.

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