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In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories

PDF Oh, the memories! I remember my first grade teacher reading this book to me. VERY VERY scary. There were some scary stories which I somehow forgotten over my childhood/teenhood, but the one story I ALWAYS remembered and would randomly replay in my head is the story of THE GREEN RIBBON.

THE GREEN it's about this girl named Jenny who always wore a green scarf/ribbon around her neck. Jenny marries a boy and the boy always asks Jenny why she has the scarf on. Jenny simply just says she'll tell him someday. So one day, **SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT ALERT ALERT** when Jenny is dying and at her deathbed, Jenny tells the boy to undo the ribbon around her neck. When the boy does, Jenny's head falls off.
As a little kid, the story scared the HELL OUT OF ME. (That is the reason why I still remember THE GREEN RIBBON story to this day.)
So yeah, I'm sure this is a total horror book especially if only one simple story freaked me out.

Regardless, this book has amazing suspense, mystery, and horror.
It's the perfect book to scare the crap out of someone....especially on Halloween. :)

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