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The Yellow House

PDF I encourage anyone who is interested in art, the business of art, and artists to read this book.And I mean art in a general sense, whether it is painting, poetry, prose, photography, or any other medium.This is a phenomenal look at the mind of two artists, how they looked at the world, how they created their art, and how they related to each other.
I am not a fan of Gauguin.I consider Van Gogh one of the greatest artists the world has ever known.But this book taught me to appreciate Gauguin, and see his art in a different light.It has really taught me to look at all art differently.It has even helped me to see my own writing from a different perspective.
As these two painters spent time together, they often painted the same scene, from the same viewpoint, yet time and again their paintings were strikingly different.They would use the same models, both of them painting during the same sitting.It is educational to see how each of them viewed the model, and how they translated their visions to the canvas.
Van Gogh spent this time in awe of Gauguin, taking a backseat to the bombastic artist, who was more than willing to treat the virtually unknown Dutch painter as a student, always correcting him and encouraging him to improve or alter his style.After all, Gauguin was selling pieces right and left, while no one would buy Van Gogh's art.An important lesson for artists today who watch others prosper why they toil in obscurity.
This book has also taught me to remain true to my vision, as Van Gogh did, even in the face of his apparent "failure" as an artist.
Gauguin often scolded Van Gogh for painting too quickly, yet Van Gogh, in an effort to prove that his paintings could be good even if he painted more quickly, dashed off one of his fastest pieces.He declared to his brother that the results were "not bad".He had, in this attempt to disprove his friend and mentor, produced one of his most famous and loved paintings: Vincent's Chair.I have a print of this piece in my diningroom, and it is proof indeed that Van Gogh had no need to bow to another artist's instructions.
The Yellow House is well worth the time and money, and just might be the best book I've read in ten years.

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