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What's A Boy Supposed to Do

PDF Love, jealousy, rejection, violence, goal-scoring, duct tape, and explosive devices… just a part of daily life at Stockborough Rovers Football Club.

Billy Logan, star striker for the British Premier League football club, has everything a young man could want—except a life. And then handsome Spanish top-club player Adriano Márquez is signed to Stockborough and Billy’s life is turned upside down and every way around. It’s love at first sight, and amazingly it turns out to be the same for Adriano.

But given the nature of their profession, admitting to their love affair is not an option, until a spoiled contest winner forces the issue in a spectacular fashion and Billy has to save the day. But there is another lurking problem for the star-crossed lovers…

Bitter Tommy Horton idolizes Billy and has been stalking him. Fantasies of sex with the footballer grow in strength until he’s driven to declare his adoration but when he discovers Billy and Adriano’s love affair, Tommy goes off the rails and hatches a plot to get his revenge on both men—and he’s not planning a love pat… Oh hickory dickory dock, he’s not!

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