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Dodo Doo-Doo

PDF Reviewing a book intended for a different demographic than your own is always a hit or miss process.On the one hand, works produced for a specialized audience - in this case, children of pre-reading age - often require a particular technique that mitigates against a more general appeal.Against this, some parameters are always constant.Is the book a good read (or listen)?Does it make its point effectively?Do you keep thinking about it after you've finished it?

As a middle-aged old fart, whose memories of not being able to read are dim at best, I was forced to review it on my own terms rather than that of its intended demographic.And even up against this somewhat unfair test, this work stacks up well.

The base plot is simple enough.A boy named Fred ropes in a skeptical (unnamed) first-person narrator, and on the basis of purely scatological evidence they go off hunting dodos.Ironically, the very act of attempting to unearth this rare beast causes the narrator to commit accidental genocide by treading in the last remaining dodo egg!

While its intended age group will delight in the sound effects, the easy to follow rhyming narration and Korky Paul's appealing illustrations, the serious underlying message - don't meddle with nature for your own self-aggrandizement - may well strike a chord with their parents.

Naturally, most adults would prefer a meatier read, which accounts for its perhaps unfairly average rating in this review.I have a sneaking suspicion that those the work is read aloud to would probably rate it somewhat higher, and on this basis the book gets an unquestioned seal of approval.

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