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I Guess We Missed the Boat

PDF I Guess We Missed The Boat! opens with a meeting that is taking place in a hotel room in Miami, Florida. When eight intrepid travelers, brought together by marriage and with retirement in common, sit reminiscing about their travel experiences, the memory banks open and humorous events start to spill out. Cowboy Ron, Ed the Negotiator, Joke-a Minute Jim and Practical Carol are part of the motley crew comprising the author's contingent of 6 in-laws. Each, at one time or another, has a role to play in the hilarious events that occur on their travels. Meanwhile, Short Brenda points the video camera everywhere but at the intended target and Nurse Linda washes down cigarette smoke with coffee after coffee.

Skiing mishaps, overweight suitcases, malfunctioning airplanes and a near fistfight on a cruise ship on the azure seas of the Caribbean are all part of the fun. A poison dart frog in Costa Rica, admitting to being responsible for a security scan machine failure at the pier in Egypt and trying to explain ice hockey to children in Tanzania adds to the excitement. And let’s not forget the sexy giraffe!

These are only a few examples of what happens when the members of this group travel. As Carol Burnett said, “Comedy is equal to tragedy plus time.” I Guess We Missed the Boat! proves this to be true as events that might have seemed tragic become more and more humorous as time marches on. But Barry’s philanthropic heart continues to beat strong throughout each journey as he reflects on the disparities of the poorer countries visited and points out that each of us has a role to play in helping out. All the while, the reader gets to go along for the ride, enjoying the beauty and culture of the various countries visited while turning the pages to find out what is going to happen next.

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