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The Origami Giftbox

PDF "The perfect beginner's kit for the ancient art of origami."

This handsome box contains everything needed to get started in the popular craft of paper folding. A handy bone folder and 20 sheets of decorative origami papers are beautifully presented in a giftbox, together with a 64-page guide to making 22 imaginative origami creations.

The core origami techniques, from the most basic mountain and valley creases to more complex folds, are explained clearly with step-by-step illustrations. The author describes in detail how to work with origami paper to make classic origami bases. He also explains origami symbols such as "inflate" and "X-ray."

With this knowledge, the folder can easily follow the instructions for the 30 origami projects in this book, which include: Waterbomb fishCD coverClassic dartRhombic unitWorking cupSix-leafed irisDogJet planeGondola

With this new kit, beginners of all ages will get a head start on this engaging handcraft.

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