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The Mouse That Roared

PDF The tiny English speaking Duchy of Grand Fenwick, located in the Alps, may not seem very important. Just three miles wide and five long.But to the proud inhabitants,all 6,000 of them, it's still paradise on Earth. Founded in 1370 by an English knight Roger Fenwick(Sir Roger if you valued your life in his presence!).Trouble begins when their only export Pinot wine is threatened by a copycat from California( I understand a very inferior product).Grand Duchess Gloriana XII, direct descendant of Roger...Sir Roger,callsa meeting of her Privy Council.At stake, the very existenceof the Grand Duchy.The 22 year old ruler and very prettysay her loyal subjects,(and the few visitors to her country),needs help desperately. What to do?This being in the the Cold War,Tully Bascomb the chief forest ranger and son of the wisest man in the realm,proposes war with the United States!After the two political leaders Count Mountjoy and Mr.Benter recover their senses,and all calm returns. Bascomb, (has someexplaining to do), says to send a Declaration of War to the U.S.They will be quicklydefeated and showered with millions of dollars in foreign aid.But when a State Department clerk see's the document, he has a hearty laugh thinking it's a joke and promptly loses the paper. Waiting many weeks,Grand Fenwick feels insulted by being totally ignored.Assembling a mighty army of 23 men led by Tully, chartering thebrigEndeavor and sailing from Marseilles, they land in a desertedNew York City! The Expeditionary force feels uneasy.An air raid drill keeps everyonein the subways and at home.Dr.Kokintz, inventor of the"Q Bomb",the latest and most powerful nuclear weapon, works at Columbia University.Bascomb decides to march there.Wearing shining armor, they meet some men wearing clothes that cover everything,(a decontamination squad),the Americans think the "Knights" are men from Mars, just offflying saucers !Fleeing when ray guns are fired, arrows actuallyand run for their lives.Soon Tully's men capture Dr.Kokintz, if they can get back to Grand Fenwick with the Dr. and the little bomb,that small nation will be the most important in the world.Imagine that!

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