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Stowaway on Titanic (Tegan O'Malley, #4)

PDF Tegan O'Malley gets sucked into a time vortex while attending a Titanic Exhibit at a local museum with her family. She disappears in a flash of light, and museum security is dumbfounded as to what they saw on their monitors. Only her family knows what happened to her, but even they aren't positive that she's gone back in time to the doomed Titanic. They must determine that for certain, and once they do, they have to find a way for Tegan to return to the present before the ship sinks. While her family is faced with their task, Tegan must also find a way of communicating with her family to tell them where and when she is in the past and at the same time find a way to return to her own time and place in the present. The O'Malleys - Tegan in the past and her family in the present - are faced with a race against time - and history.

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