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Spring (Four Seasons, #1)

PDF In 1725, Antonio Vivaldi wrote the music for The Four Seasons. He penned a poem for each of the four seasons: summer, fall, winter, and spring. Each season has its reason, its significance, its purpose, its own symbolism. Life is like the four seasons. Spring is Melanie Harrisas story. She is a talented young violinist with a valuable Grancino violin. There is a secret inside her violin, a secret only she and her mother should know, but somehow others have found out. The story follows a journey of Melanieas growth as a musician, the people she meets, the friends she makes, the losses she suffers. Vivaldias music is the cornerstone of Melanieas musical career as well as her life, as she takes her instrument and her music around the world. Each stage of Melanieas life progresses like a season of the year, a musical/poetic symbol, as in Vivaldias music. Melanie is the music she loves best, The Four Seasons.

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