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The 4 Dimensions of Total Customer Service

PDF This book is about 'Total Customer Service' .It applies to all types of organisations large and small, private or public .It considers the ongoing changing context and circumstances such as technology, social media and remote buying which influence the relationship between the selling organisation and the buying customer .It introduces 'The Customer Service Hallmark', a unique Customer Service Quality Standard and guiding implementation and benchmarking framework. It takes Customer Service beyond 'Have a Nice Day 'and the obvious 'Surface' approaches to Customer Service. It positions Customer Service as having its roots in the cultural heart of the organisation. The book adopts a holistic view of organisations incorporating Organisation Development approaches to managing improvement interventions .It positions 'Total Customer Service' within and across all organisation functions and boundaries and includes a proactive stance to managing external environmental influences .The book provides reflective reading plus new and refreshed ideas, tools and models. The interesting presentation of the book takes the reader through the development of a practical methodology which guides, improves, sustains and maximises the provision of 'Total Customer Service' and organisation improvement.

Anyone who has an interest in 'Total Customer Service' and organisation performance improvement will find this book valuable and enjoyable. 'Vision to Action', 'Sub System Synergy', 'Hilltops', 'ERUDITE Leadership, ' 'Futuristic Thinking', 'Competitive Integrity ' and 'Triple E' touch point management all contribute to Customer Service' and are some of the innovative concepts included in this book.

The book brings together organisational capacity and capability and reflects a synergistic approach which promotes cross functional cooperation and harmony .The 'Four Dimensions' of the Customer Service Hallmark provide an integrated framework which positions 'Total Customer Service' as a coordinated strategic response to achieving organisation improvement and strategic intent.

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