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The Tortured Soul Trilogy of Pain & Pleasure

PDF This is the novel that has been a guilty pleasure for over ten years!

“The Tortured Soul Trilogy of Pain & Pleasure” is a raw and intimate inside look at the trials and tribulations of three women, Tobey Oceanside, Jennifer X. Jones and Katherine Stark. Adapted and edited from C.J Cassidy’s previous novels, this loosely biographical account details the events that these three amazing women have experienced in both their separate and overlapping lives. Brutal and honest, yet erotic and sensual, the novel takes a no holds barred look into their private world of fetishes and sexual desires. Each had crosses that they had to bear and each found absolution in the most unexpected places. A must read for anyone who has their own demons to excise. This compilation of the biographies by author C.J. Cassidy has changed the lives of women that were dealing with the real life trials, trauma and tribulations of abuse and domestic violence. They found the novel to be a liberating experience to say the least!

You dare not look away! It’s compelling and brutal and yet romantic and sensual. Many readers were unable to put the book down once they started reading it!

This wickedly suggestive and thoroughly sexy novel is a frothy foray of desire that offers a long branch into the subconscious mind of want. Not for the faint of heart, “The Tortured Soul Trilogy of Pain & Pleasure inroduces the lure of bondage in order to overcome a lifetime of abuse and submissiveness. New erotica author C. J. Cassidy plays both sides of the fence as he doses his characters with pain and heartache before igniting their passions and pleasures. Through obedience and discipline, our heroes engage in a secret world where everything naughty is possible and no arousing deed will go unpunished, literally and consensually speaking, of course.

Is it sexually graphic? Yes! Is it heartbreaking? Yes! Will you cheer when the ‘villain’ get’s theirs? Yes! Will you cry? Yes! Will you laugh? Yes! Will you become aroused by these women’s stark, raw, non-holds barred sexual encounters…?

Well… Get a glass of wine, light a scented candle, snuggle under your covers and we’ll see where the night takes you!

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