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Living Beneath the Radar; A Nine Year Journey Around the World

PDF This is the story of a young man who had a desire to travel and see the world. This nine-year journey gave him the opportunity to see our planet with different cultures and religions. The experience changed how he sees the world forever. Journey with the author and see what the world was like from 1970 to 1979.

During the journey the author helped to start trade between two countries that did not get along with each other. He visited a farmhouse in Italy where he lived in a previous life. He and another man where the first to surf in India. He crossed paths with Hindu holy men in the Himalayan Mountains and a Tibetan Nun who just finished a retreat sealed in a cave for six years. He was assisted by Muhammad Ali while crossing the border from Thailand into Malaysia.

Why have you never heard of these feats before or even the name of the author? It is because he chose to do it all while "Living Beneath the Radar."

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