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PDF The collection contains the following stories:

* "Vortle" by Lee Battersby
* "Davey's Gift" by Kate Eltham
* "The Souvenir" by Richard Harland
* "Don't Got No Wings" by Trent Jamieson
* "Garden Light" by Shane M. Brown
* "The Flatmate From Hell" by Dirk Flinthart
* "The Ceremony of Innocence" by Conor Bendle
* "Crazy Little Thing" by Stuart Barrow
* "Una, the One" by Frankie Seymour
* "The Faithless Priest and the Nameless King" by Cory Daniells
* "Stella's Transformation" by Kim Westwood
* "Boys" by Ben Payne
* "Sleeping With Monsters" by Michael Barry
* "Remembering Bliss" by Carol Ryles
* "Guarding the Mound" by Kaaron Warren
* "The Final Battle" by Scott Robinson
* "Meltdown my Plutonium Heart" by Cat Sparks
* "Beggars on the Shore" by Bruce Clark
* "The Teller" by Monica Carroll
* "Happy Faces For Happy Families" by Gillian Polack
* "The Dove" by Nigel Read
* "The Glass Flower" by Chris Barnes

All stories are illustrated by Les Petersen.

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