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Digimon World

PDF Seven kids, away at summer camp, are unexpectedly transported to the digital world of File Island. Once there, the kids befriend special Digimon (Digital Monsters) who help them in their quests to find a way home. On their journey through the island, many evil Digimon attack the kids. Through teamwork, the children activate their Digivices to magically digivolve the good Digimon into more powerful monsters to battle the evil Digimon and protect the kids. Now, with Digimon World: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, you'll get:

Easy-to-follow walkthrough including detailed maps of Digimon World
Bestiary including comprehensive Digimon data
Tips on digivolving your monster to be the best it can be
Tactics for battling enemy Digimon
Detailed evolution charts
Explanatory tables for all skills and items

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