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Savage Odyssey

PDF As a consequence of the designs of evil men, several young people find themselves struggling to survive the collision of old nations on one side of the planet and the brutal birth of a new nation on the other. Within Savage Odyssey, the lives of these people are interlaced with major historical events, including the deaths of two of the most famous 19th century British and American Naval Heroes: Admiral Horatio Viscount Nelson in HMS Victory and Captain James Lawrence in USS Chesapeake.
From the bloody waters off Cape Trafalgar in 1805 and off Boston in 1813, to the treacherous coastline of colonial New South Wales, Savage Odyssey calls heavily on eye-witness accounts of history in the making, and the actual experiences of two nineteenth century female castaways.
Savage Odyssey absorbs most of John Lewis’s novel Savage Exile, previously published by Pan Macmillan. It is a tale of courage and survival; an epic adventure in which ordinary men and women are caught up in tumultuous events beyond their control. Although the magnificent tapestry of Savage Odyssey is spread across three continents, it is acclaimed as a great Australian novel, because it combines all the tyranny of Robert Hughes’ The Fatal Shore with the passion of Vivian Stuart’s The Australians.

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