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The Violent Years of Maggie MacDonald

PDF I can't believe that more people haven't read this book. I hated reading this work of non-fiction, but I couldn't put it down. The author had an absolutely horrendous childhood and made some idiotic life decisions. Most of these decisions involve men:as an example, she lives in a drug and booze-fueled relationship with a man who abuses her horribly. She eventually sticks a knife into him, but after her acquittal takes up with another man because he reminds her of the man she just disposed of!

Ms MacDonald brought a lot of grief on herself through idiotic choices and her flaunting of every rule and regulation designed to keep offenders within the control of the established authority. I don't care that she ruined her own life through stupidity, but I'll be a long time forgetting the photos of the children she discarded along the slippery slope of her descent into corruption. The lost look on the face of one lad in particular will bother me for years.

I know that MacDonald was victimized by abusive men, and I have little sympathy for the men she killed, but this virago could have made things a lot easier on herself by avoiding booze and dope. Her overbearing attitude and inability to learn from experience contributed to her problems.

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