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Storm Warning

PDF The cheese is great with this one

But it's good cheese. This is a really good little story. The overall premise is a bit of a stretch, but if people in books always behaved logically, we'd have a lot fewer books to read, now wouldn't we?

I enjoyed the interactions between the characters; I could easily picture a college group coming together again. The storm-chasing was exciting. The romance was actually very sweet. The Christian aspect was well done. There was no preaching or the intimation that Christians are somehow better than everyone else. There was a reference to the kind of witness all Christ-followers are called to be - the steady and dependable and above all else consistent life lived for Him, so that everyone who sees realizes that what you have is real.

Overall, I enjoyed this story very much. I recommend it to any reader, especially if you're interested in human relationships, storms, and learning to walk by faith.

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